Better Days To Come

This world is more than its worldly things

Open your eyes and see the chains 

This new modern slavery

Rain rain please pour down on my people and cleanse us

Your money and pride will not get you into heaven

What God are you truly serving

Hollow shells walk all around me 

People hurting 

I cry I cry I cry I cry 

For I feel the pain 

I pray I pray I pray 

For peace from all this suffering

Grab my hand let's all go to the promised land 

For he knows he know he knows 

For better days are to come

The sun will shine

And the rainbows will raise up 

For there are better days to come

Please wipe your tears because you are not alone

Open arms and smiles await for you 

For there are better days to come

Plant positive seeds for you to reap 

Water them day by day 

For there are better days to come.

Monique Pour

IG & Twitter: buzzcutmo