Just Breathe



The Lord will surely make a way
But He put your blessings on a delay, you stopped breathing...
Not breathing as we see it
But your spiritual breathing that needs to be heavily treated
Your secular mind is killing your spiritual body, don't give into the temptation
Stay obedient, stay Godly
The enemy is trying to defeat us in diverse ways, from mental health to our physical being, we are truly in our last days
Whenever you cry when you hurt, you feel hopeless and you don't realize you allow the devil to smirk
He wants you to be filled with fear,
He wants you to feel like more disappointment is near
Devil you're a LIAR!
You want us to be thrown into that fire
No matter what age, what race
He wants us to fit in his attire
But his teachings I do not acquire
For the love of Jesus Christ is how we should build our empire
But you have to breathe...
Your spiritual body needs oxygen
Not carnal oxygen but heavenly oxygen
It's nothing this world could ever bring
Run to God, be filled with the Holy Spirit
He knows how your heart is burden, your cries He can hear it
He's so graceful, so merciful and if you want something all you have to do is ask
But to retrieve that blessing it comes with a task
Don't worry! God will be on your side throughout every step in your journey
But you have to allow Him to work, trust in Him, you're going to be okay
Just Breathe...