Like Water



Just as water seeps into every crack and opening
God seeps into every vulnerable part of you
He spills into the parts of you that you want to keep hidden
He spills into the parts of you that used to be empty
Just as water pours down on you as it rains,
God pours himself into your life
Like the rain, God is uncontrollable and unstoppable
Like a flood, God is mighty
Sometimes He is soft, like a comforting drizzle
Like the pitter-patter of rain drops, He gives you rest as the sun goes down
Like a glass of cold water, He refreshes you from the scorching heat
Like a warm shower, He eases your tension
Like the sea, God moves, never ceasing
Like the sea, God surrounds you
At times, He is inescapable and unavoidable, like a heavy shower
Like soft waves, He is calm and gentle
But like roaring waters, He is more powerful than any
Like the tide, He pulls you back
Like the tide, He pushes you forward
And the more you fight against Him, the weaker you become
Until you finally submit to the Lord’s everlasting power