The Abhorrence

Hatred, bitter hatred is in his heart. This creature who was created beautiful has gone the complete opposite direction in life. This being stands at the top of a mountain, non-unidentifiable and ponders…..he ponders the pain he has caused over the last six thousand years, simply because of this hatred that has turned his heart upside down for the exhaltled One.

He looks back in the past and sees himself in the royal courts up on high. He sees himself being the overseer of countless angels, angels who look up to him, angels who almost worship him because of the wisdom he displays and his eloquent features – the great book says he is made up of rich and amazing stones. 

But one day he notices one who receives more love and more adoration than him. He sees a humble being, one who makes him look like the lowest of low. One who makes him feel inadequate and ultimately makes him feel powerless. This One is the complete contradiction to the stone cold creature. He is humble but assertive and powerful, and could make the whole of the heavenly courts vanish by a mere thought.
This has rattled him. It’s causing him to go insane but no one sees this is all done internally. 

He doesn’t know how to make use of these feelings, feelings of jealousy, disdain, hatred and murder. He feels like he has to take action. He has to counteract this One’s influence amongst the royal subjects. He convinces one third of these angels to revolt against the Holy One’s rules and ideals and is finally cast out after a long and hard battle with many casualties.

He now conspires to attack the Holy One’s dearest possession..mankind. He feels threatened on their first arrival. He fears that these are the ones who will pronounce judgement on him and his subjects and condemn them to the death of no return. He decides to mentally crush them instead of physically. He starts to whisper the same thoughts he had when he first had when he met the Holy One. Mankind now has experienced so much hatred that wars have surfaced on this planet earth. Mankind hating another for unwarranted reasons that brings tears to the face of the Holy One. 

But his hatred wasn’t fully shown until that day at Calvary. The symbol of love, hope and grace to countless and unnumbered humans is also a sign that this very same person who conspired this event at Calvary hated the Holy One so much that he was ready to kill him. So much hatred formed in his heart that he killed the very One who created him, the very One who gave him his role, his very being, his very life. He looks on while the Holy One on the cross slowly fades away and flashbacks run right before his very eyes. 

He sees the numerous times he sang full of adoration, he sees himself talking to the Creator of the universe in amazement at His lofty power. While looking in the past of all the things he has done prior to his departure from the heavenly courts, he falls down to his knees and realizes that he is now working with time..he knows his end is near and that very thought in itself fills him with more hate, this hate will never depart from him – not until the very last flame consumes him.  

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