The Misery of Iniquity

People all over the world,
They cry in harmony
“Dont give up one me"
“Don't give up on me"

A normal day before it all began
The event that surprised every man
The third world country
Hurt with political force
How can one trust their flag
That treats them like dirt
Who do they turn to?
Tainted government officials
Doing only the minimal
Treating their problems as trivial
When the poor man on the street
Can protest he is free
In his own country
What has he left to be?
The court reporters scratch the surface on the paper
Question after question yet no help to their neighbor
Just take a picture and go send to the maker
That fills their wallets as they do them favors
The more money you pay the farther away solution
Political prostitution
Legally confusing
But to the power heads, it's amusin'

Man, it's a crazy world
With people being killed for no reason
Political treason, unchanging every season
Children so hungry
Their stomach touches their back
Nutrition and strength their bodies lack
So weak that, you couldn't imagine that
A mother treated like a prisoner of her home
Trapped in a social standard, of the unknown
Uneducated, hardly grown, forced to submit to the head of the household
Uneducated at 16, Arranged marriages
Doctors so bad, all she has are miscarriages
Messages carried but never delivered
The man peaceful preaching to the streets
Fighting for his country
Shot for all to see
And left to rot like a piece of meat
What is peace?

People dying to live and be free
Wishing they were born in this country

What's wrong with the world?

It's the mystery
We claim we can't see
Pretending to believe
In something we perceive to be
The root of the tree, the way to the sea
Don't take me to the ocean
As if the lost are ever found
You got a boat
But somehow I manage to drown?
Bow down to the crown
Don't make a sound
Conditioned to listen
And conform to the crowd
“In God we trust"
We preach to the streets
Pledging to a flag, hand to our heart
In the silent we repeat
Pledging allegiance to what? Corruption and disloyalty
The money hungry businesses
Building a monopoly
With the absence of light
How do we know who is right?

Sin cast into the shadows
Where you belong
Because I do know wrong
No stains on my tongue
No venom in my blood
I do only good
But your hands are not clean
Fingerprinted the deal
To conceal
Living a lie
And pretending this is all real
Well if it's real
Then tell me why they have to die

If they're living right
Why do they lose their life
Fighting to survive
We all want the light
Breaking out of the black
To find the sign
You carry a briefcase
Of your lies, thoughts, and sin
A smile, dimple in your chin
As you grin
In the brim of your hat
There's a note
Provoked by the vote
You cast into your thoughts
Hoping to find a new road

A new way to live
Trust me, He forgives
You won't be turned away from the tree
The grows from its leaves
The key to your inner demons
All you have to do is believe
He doesn't care where you're from
Or what you've become
He washes His hands with the bums
The son, the one
He is the redeemer
The cleanser of your wrong
The one who plays the instrument
To which you sing your song
So sing on!

Look at your hands
The lines of your suffering
Blood sweat and tears
He has a plan that can outshine
Your brightest fears

Don't be tricked by that money driven ideal
That won't heal
Only buy you a band-aid
When the cuts too deep to feel
So smile, you are His child
Even in times of darkness
Never will you be alone, in Him you can confide
We need peace
It's no mystery

Now it's barrel to barrel
Guns smoke in the air
Last to draw dies, and we assume that's fair
But any blood shed should make you feel sick
A baby's body in a coffin, 2 feet long, 9 inches thick
Can't you see, we are burying our family
Doesn't matter what color we all stem from one tree


The raggedy blanket of peace that
Covers the world seems to be thinning, piece by piece,
And as the war drum beats louder
And louder
Power and money build towers
Turning the air sour

Remember they are still people
Like you and me
That need food and water
And clean air to breathe
It's not fair to them
Barricaded in these countries
Dropping dead like fleas
Envying you and me….

People all over the word,
They cry in harmony

"Don't give up one me"
"Don't give up on me"
Give, don't give up.