You Are Faithful

In the midst of confusion, heartache and pain
God you are faithful
Consistent in all of Your ways
When I’m lost and don’t know where to go
You are here
Whispering and directing me
I will follow
I can’t talk about my faithfulness
My imperfections and flaws
Sometimes get the best of me
It's much easier to talk about You
Your strength, your mercy and grace
They are new every morning
You can’t help being faithful, loving and caring
It’s who You are
I don’t want to stress or worry anymore
Your promises are never shaken
Your word is sure
Your Word says You have good plans for me
And You are with me wherever I go
Do not be afraid or discouraged I hear You say
To trust in You and all Your ways
In the good and the bad days
Thank you for your patience and Your kindness
Your perfect love that casts out all fears
You number the hairs on my head
You wipe all my tears

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