You Are Faithful

In the midst of confusion, heartache and pain
God you are faithful
Consistent in all of Your ways
When I’m lost and don’t know where to go
You are here
Whispering and directing me
I will follow
I can’t talk about my faithfulness
My imperfections and flaws
Sometimes get the best of me
It's much easier to talk about You
Your strength, your mercy and grace

The Abhorrence

Hatred, bitter hatred is in his heart. This creature who was created beautiful has gone the complete opposite direction in life. This being stands at the top of a mountain, non-unidentifiable and ponders…..he ponders the pain he has caused over the last six thousand years, simply because of this hatred that has turned his heart upside down for the exhaltled One.

Somewhere In Between

Somewhere in between wanting to serve the God above in Heaven,

but still serving the god of this world. 

Somewhere in between wanting to let go, but still holding on. 

Holding on to displeasing ways, that's only satisfying to the god who rules this world. 

Somewhere in between wanting a renewed mind, with a new heart, but still watching and thinking about those things that are corrupting the mind and hardening the heart.