Dating With Purpose As A Christian

Yesterday at fellowship we were talking and the question “What does dating with purpose as a Christian look like?” came up. I think that’s such an important question because a lot of times Christians aren’t dating with purpose.

Some examples:

  • Meeting someone at church and just assuming they have a relationship with God.(Going to church is great, but it doesn’t determine if a person is saved.)

  • Falling for every cute guy/girl that says they’re a Christian. (Just because they’re a Christian doesn’t mean that’s the person you’re supposed to be with.)

Dating with purpose as a Christian:

  1. They need to have a relationship with God. It’s not about just going to church. Are they pursuing God?

  2. GET TO KNOW THEM before getting in a relationship with them. I’m actually guilty of doing this backwards. I was in a relationship with someone and realized that I barely knew anything about him.

  3. Date to marry. People laugh at the idea of dating to marry, but its logical. Why be in a relationship with someone that you don’t plan on marrying?

  4. Watch out for any red flags. People are not always who they appear to be.

  5. Pray and ask God about the person. God will never steer us wrong. I’ve noticed that many times we’ll pray and ask God what job to take, car to get, place to move in etc., but when it comes to dating we like to leave Him out of it. (Jeremiah 29:11- For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.) The plans God has for you include your spouse, He already knows the person He wants you to marry. When I’m interested in someone my prayer is “God let your will be concerning me and ______.” God’s will is always better than our will.

Dating with purpose as a Christian leads to marriage. A marriage centered on Christ is specifically focused on glorifying God. A God-ordained marriage is a union that pleases Him.