As the bride of Christ you were meant to be holier than the rest. The "Ekklesia" was what you were first known as. Now you're just known as the church. A place of worship, where the Holy Spirit freely roams around like a welcomed guest. You could feel its presence as people from different regions and diverse tongues came to this place. The city on the hill. There was no safer haven across the seven seas. The term "turn up" originated there for the worship of our savior shook the place. The festivities and praises never ceased. The feeling of being saved from sin was so freeing. Over time as you expanded, your virtue got tainted, your chastity belt was unlocked, and your motives became unclear. Instead of handling business, you became the business. Money seemed to be the only thing you seek. I understand that tithes and offerings are supposed to honor God and thank Him for our financial blessings, but your corrupt ways are turning this around. The wise leaders of the churches are pushing drop top Benz and Ferraris, living in million dollars homes that only provide themselves with shelter. Seemingly every sermon spoken is talking about tithes and offerings. You can imagine why going to church for some became so costly. They couldn't afford it. The place they traveled to with the intention of getting saved told them first they would have to pay. The idea of church started giving people disgusted faces. Next came the judgement and accusations. The pastor, bishop, deacon, whoever was speaking spoke on what they believed. Just because the Bible says homosexuality is wrong they feel the need to hate those who love the same sex. These preachers must have forgotten that the Bible also says don't steal, lie, commit adultery, seek revenge, cheat, or hold on to hatred towards others. It's almost comical how they forget about all the other sins as if they're not equal. Everyone knows the people claiming to give " the word of God" are also sinners. It's a shame they judge and accuse others of doing the exact same things they do. The hypocrites leading the church are so pitiful, turning the congregation into clans of hateful people. It hurts to sit through these harsh sermons of why we shouldn't tolerate certain people. This isn't the word of God, it's just some bashful, intolerable, ludicrous statements from sinful people. Too righteous to admit their faults they prey on those who Christ died on the cross for. Have they forgotten we're all God's creation and that He loves all of us equally even with our imperfections? No sin is greater than the other so why are churches casting out my homosexual brothers and sisters and no other sinners? Churches are becoming blind to the injustice they are preaching. I'm sorry this is what it came to. Your husband is Jesus but this is what us humans have done to you. Your image is officially considered distasteful to those who came into contact with the money hungry, judging, spiteful people. The lost may never be saved because of the hatred demonstrated. Jesus and the church is known as one, so they begin to think all of this was His orchestration. The hurt never gets healed nor get the chance to know their savior. The mission of some churches have become miscue and the outcome became catastrophic. I still love you though, well I still love what you're suppose to represent. A place of salvation and no judgement. Your mission is to spread love and kindness to those all around the world. I just hope that one day the whole church as a body continues that initial purpose.

By: Omar Richards

President of H&F Outreach. A Nonprofit Organization that serve the needs of the homeless population around Washington D.C. and Maryland by providing them with Food, Water, Clothing, Hygienic Care Items, etc.