Sleep Paralysis, An Attack Not A Disorder

If you google sleep paralysis you'd just think it was some type of disorder and that's what the devil wants you to think but it's not. Sleep paralysis is an attack from the enemy, not a disorder, also known as "the witch riding your back". When it happens you can't move or talk and it's because an evil spirit is on you keeping you from doing so. This world is more spiritual than it is natural. Just like angels are real so are evil spirits and demons. Whenever you have sleep paralysis just keep saying Jesus in your head until you're able to move. Something about the name JESUS that makes Satan and his evil spirits RUN.

Sometimes it happens because of a door that you've opened for the enemy to attack you. My mom said that when she was a kid her aunt would always send her stuff and her mom said be careful because you can't just buy my kids anything. So her aunt got her this giant book about fairies and fairies obviously do magic and magic is really witchcraft. My mom said that when she would sleep she always felt something smothering her and she couldn't move but she didn't know why. One day her mom fell asleep in her bed and it happened to her mom too. They realized that it was because of the fairy book her aunt got her and they threw it away and it stopped happening. 

People always laugh at me because I say I don't watch scary movies with evil spirits in them. I'll watch a scary movie with evil spirits and have sleep paralysis that same night so I stopped watching them. 

Even anger opens the door for the enemy to attack you. One night I was really angry and going back and forth with my friend and the Holy Spirit told me to let it go and just go to sleep but I was just so blown. I was so mad like I could feel the anger rising, I completely ignored the Holy Spirit and when I went to bed I had sleep paralysis. I rebuked Satan and I was finally able to move and when I turned my head I could see the evil spirit leaving, it was a dark scary shadow. It was pretty scary because out of all the times that it's happened to me I've never seen an evil spirit except that time. Something as little as anger can open the door for the enemy to attack you. That's why we're supposed to walk in the spirit and that's also why God tells us not to go to bed angry. (Ephesians 4:26- If you are angry, don’t sin by nursing your grudge. Don’t let the sun go down with you still angry—get over it quickly;)

I never used to bring weed in my house out of respect for my parents because they don't tolerate that, but the one day I did I had sleep paralysis. And I knew I had opened that door because like I said I NEVER did that so the one time I did that's what happened. The devil just waits for you to slip up so that he can attack you. 

When I first got saved I kept getting sleep paralysis for like 2 weeks straight. TBH the first time it happened I slept in my mom's bed. I remember my friend got saved and I explained heaven and hell to someone else that same night and that's when it happened. The devil doesn't want you saved or bringing other people to Christ. I know we're not supposed to be fearful but I literally hate when it happens. One time I was dreaming and there's this little girl at my job who has to work on her attitude. So in my dream she was being rude and I talked to her and told her she needed to work on her attitude. I started praying in tongues and binding up the evil spirit following her and making her act out. Before I could finish praying my dream just ended and I had sleep paralysis. Y'all I was nicked because that's never happened before, like the whole dream just ended in the middle of me praying. I was really about to go get in my mom's bed again, but I told myself I can't let the enemy scare me, my God is bigger. After that I started pleading the blood of Jesus before I go to bed and it hasn't happened since. (Revelation 12:11- They defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony; for they did not love their lives but laid them down for him.)

Be careful what you watch, bring into your house, just always be careful because evil spirits travel & certain things open the door for the enemy to attack.