Protect Your Eyes And Ears

You can’t cry about struggling with abstinence, porn & masturbation when everything you watch and listen to is sexually explicit. I decided to try out the show Power like a month ago because everyone said it’s a good show, and I knew it wouldn’t sit well with my Spirit but I said “ahhh what the hey, it’s just a show.” 5 minutes into the show I’m seeing boobs. At that moment I distinctly heard God say “Turn this mess off.” I never clicked exit so fast.

It’s not every time “The devil is tempting me” sometimes it’s “I made a stupid decision.” When you put yourself in a position to be tempted don’t be surprised when you actually give in to the temptation. Everything popular in music these days is “lick me, suck me, touch me,” Must I wear condoms on my ears or what? You really have to protect your eyes and ears because they are entrances to your spirit. Especially if you’re trying to break free from toxic habits/cycles. If you’re trying to stop watching porn and/or masturbating, stop watching shows/movies with sex scenes. You think you can handle these triggers, but you can’t. If you don’t want to cut these things off, then you don’t really want to be free. Be real with yourself.

“The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” yes, but how long are we going to use this as an excuse to keep sinning? You’re going to reap in the physical what you sow in the spiritual, so if you’re constantly feeding your flesh, how do you think you’re going to resist temptation? The Spirit is willing but you let your flesh keep winning. Cut it out. Fleeing from temptation requires action. God is not going to pick us up and remove us from tempting situations because that goes against our free will. He will always provide a way out, but it’s up to you to choose His way. It’s your choice whether you want to keep watching or turn it off. The more you keep watching, the more you’ll believe the enemy when he tells you you’re powerless and will never overcome.

By: Atang Agwe

She is a spoken word artist whose YouTube channel LipsOfLove is a channel anchored in the word of God. Her soul (yes, soul) desire is for God to be glorified through her channel by any and all means, particularly through the art of spoken word.

Twitter: atangagwe

IG: atangandthensome