Before I got saved I was deep into the world. This all started at a very young age. When I was about 5 years old, the enemy got me to believe that I was supposed to be a boy. I wanted to be a boy so bad when I was younger, which led to me dealing with lesbianism for years. I had even experimented with females, mind you I'm not even a teenager yet. Along with this came my addiction to pornography and masturbation (something I suffered with even after I got saved). That's a subject the body of Christ tries to avoid, but avoiding it isn't going to make it disappear. That had distorted my mind a lot and opened up windows in my life for more demons to attach themselves onto me. At about the age of 11 I started dabbling into witchcraft. I mean I was doing seances, playing with Ouji Boards, and contacting the dead. I was wilding out and I didn't care at all. I was one of those people who lived for the moment and didn't worry about consequences. At 12 I started drinking, was never a heavy smoker, but alcohol was my thing. When I look back on my life, I'm shook honestly. I was a kid and was trapped and being deceived by Satan. I drank pretty often and this one time I just over did it. I took 12 shots of Ciroc and was sloppy drunk. It was the day of my dad's bachelor party too. He came home just as drunk as me because we sat in the same room together. 

Let's fast-forward into the spring of 2013. I had been raised in the church but never liked going because I never understood why I had to go. So one day I came to the realization that I had to get right with God or I would die and go to Hell. My response to God was "Let me just have a little more fun, then I'll come live for you. Let me get all my sinning out the way, then I'll get my life together". How selfish of a mindset was that. I really postponed giving my life to Christ because I thought it would be boring and that I would never have fun. I have had the most fun being a Christian, but I was used to the "turn up" lifestyle. So we're still in the spring of 2013, and one day I was at church singing in the choir (living like a heathen), and I heard God say "this is it". I said "no it ain't, not yet". The pastor asked the congregation if there was anyone who didn't know Christ, and I promise you, God forced my feet up to the altar. My flesh wasn't ready to die yet. I was so shook, crying all hard and stuff. Then my beloved pastor said "The angels are rejoicing over one soul being saved". I'll never forget that.

Fast-forward a lil more, summer of 2013. I got baptized! It was amazing, I felt new. But nothing changed within my heart until a couple months after I got saved. In the fall of 2013, I got this fire lit in me that has yet to burn out. It's so amazing and I'm humbled by the way He has used me. I'm 16 now and He's used me to preach, lead my best-friend to Christ and pour into people. It amazes me that God uses us as His vessels. I will forever be humbled at His love for us. I'm so glad that I'm saved, sanctified, and filled with His precious Holy Spirit!