It Was Enough

I had a lot of pain inside of me, I would ask myself how I'm going to do it, can I keep going with this pain? I would tell myself "Don't give up" so I wiped my tears and kept going on with my day. 

At age 10 or younger I was physically abused by my dad, the one that everyone looked up to except for me! The first time was when I lived in Puerto Rico. 

At age 12 I was raped by one of my family members and by one of my family friends. I was devastated because I was touched and I felt dirty! I felt like a unworthy child and I always told myself it was my fault and that person kept touching me until we moved to Houston. 

Brooke Fuller

It all started about 2011, because up until that point I had been this goody two shoes always wanting to go to church like I legit cried if I didn't get to go to church and like I was a more innocent version of myself now back then and then I started playing select softball and got made fun of because I had never been kissed, never had a boyfriend, had buck teeth, was super tiny, had a country accent, home schooled, and didn't know any secular songs. The first time I heard a secular song I was like 11 and it was the song stereo heart and I always remember that time as my turning part because I started noticing boys and wanted to dress like the other girls did and wanted to be kissed etc and just do what other kids my age did.

An Insecure Brother In Christ

Okay, first and foremost fellas a female is NOT going to give you the self-confidence, that God can’t already give you himself. If you’re looking for an uptight, rude, bougie, can't speak to anybody because she knows I’m crazy woman then let me tell be the first to tell you, Man BYE! Don’t no WOG want to babysit a man-child. Second D-E-L-I-V-E-R-A-N-C-E is always available bro *inserts emoji smiley face* You want God to bless you with someone, but you can’t trust the fact that He can bless you with someone who HE sees that fits you SPIRITUALLY, and for HIS kingdom.

Testimony Time-Daniel Moody

I have run across some drastic storms during my lifetime, but wording my storms “drastic” would be an understatement. I always thought to myself; “maybe if they put their pinky toe inside of one of my shoes, then maybe they would understand why I act they I do.” It’s hilarious now because you all are about to put your entire foot into my life, and I am glad that this is happening because not too many people who’ve dealt with this struggle speak up. However, I believe God gave me this voice to speak to the lost, encourage those who are afraid to ask for help, and show this world that there is NOTHING FUN about being held captive in your sin. I was broken, a mess, disturbed, traumatized, and even afraid.


by no means is this for a personal gain or acknowledgment. This is to give glory and honor to the Almighty God for His delivering power and His redemption. Additionally it is to be transparent to help anyone who is struggling with the homosexual lifestyle or is curious about the homosexual lifestyle.

From Depression And Hopelessness To Faith And Living With A purpose For Christ

Many testimonies would be built on the premise of living in the world, and engaging in sinful activities such as drugs, sexual interactions, unlawful acts and even being imprisoned. But, my story of how I was saved by His mercies,  and sanctified by His blood is a bit different I would say. I have always believed in God and His divine powers. I have always worshipped and Glorified His name as He has always and still is great to me and my family. I grew up in the church- yea getting up every Saturday morning to attend Bible class at a tender age was a drag for a little girl who just wanted to stay inside and watch cartoons for the whole day. Can you imagine the new episode of  SpongeBob SquarePants coming on and you have to miss it because your Bible School teacher is outside awaiting your presence? Man oh man were my sisters and I upset! However, I sticked to being obedient and attended Bible class religiously every Saturday and Church every Sunday.


Before I got saved I was deep into the world. This all started at a very young age. When I was about 5 years old, the enemy got me to believe that I was supposed to be a boy. I wanted to be a boy so bad when I was younger, which led to me dealing with lesbianism for years. I had even experimented with females, mind you I'm not even a teenager yet. Along with this came my addiction to pornography and masturbation (something I suffered with even after I got saved). That's a subject the body of Christ tries to avoid, but avoiding it isn't going to make it disappear. That had distorted my mind a lot and opened up windows in my life for more demons to attach themselves onto me. At about the age of 11 I started dabbling into witchcraft. I mean I was doing seances, playing with Ouji Boards, and contacting the dead.


Well I've been raised in the church my whole life (I'm 19 now). My dad is a Pastor and my mom is an Evangelist. My parents always raised me with good morals,values, and the seed of God's Word ever since I was young. I always believed in God, however I didn't know Him for myself or have a relationship with Him. I just depended on my parent's relationship with Him to cover me basically. Well, when I was in HS I really lost myself.


I am my mom's first child (she had me at 19) but when she was pregnant with me I guess the doctors didn't pick up on any deformities in the ultrasound so on the day she had me she said the nurses didn't want to give me to her and they were asking her if she wanted counseling or whatever and she was confused until they showed me to her. I was born with an ulnar longitudinal deficiency meaning one of my arms didn't develop like the other. I wrote more about it on my testimony on twitter if you guys want to see it. My mom told the nurses "this is my daughter, I'm gonna love her regardless" but my dad wasn't there when I was born.

From Living In Sin To Being Sick With An Incurable Disease To Healing and Living For God

I like a lot of people grew up in a Christian home. I grew up my whole life being taught Jesus Christ and that he died for our sins. My whole life I knew about heaven and hell and that the way we lived on Earth determined where we'd go after we died. I was infilled with the Holy Spirit when I was young in like elementary school. I always knew right and wrong and usually did the right thing. So let's fast forward to 18.