Devotional For The Week Of 5/21/18- Caution Ahead

(Numbers 22:32- “Why did you beat your donkey those three times?” the Angel demanded. “I have come to stop you because you are headed for destruction.)


When people see a caution ahead sign it’s warning them that there’s a hazard ahead on the road so they need to be careful. How come when God gives us warnings we don’t always take heed? We just see how far we can go in hopes that nothing bad will happen. We can never say that God doesn’t give us warnings because He gives us plenty. I have a friend who was having premarital sex even though he knew that God was warning him to stop. He was sharing a dorm room with a friend and the one next to theirs was empty because a guy transferred, so he moved over there. He was loving it because he could have sex whenever he wanted to without worrying about a roommate. Someone ended up moving into the dorm and he had to leave because that was never his room anyway. He was really blown, but He knew that God let that happen because He wanted Him to stop having premarital sex. Before I gave my life to Christ and decided to be celibate, God warned me to stop having premarital sex too. I was at church one day and I was talking to the pastor, she stopped mid conversation and asked me if I was on birth control. I told her no and she told me that she just had a vision that I was pregnant. I didn’t stop having sex right away after that day, but I did finally listen to God and decide to be celibate. It’s just amazing how much God cares about us, He really does have our best interest at heart. Many people think Christianity is a bunch of dos and donts, but why would God want us to do something that is hurting us and Him. It hurts us because Romans 6:23 says the wages of sin is death and it hurts God because He loves us and He knows that sin keeps us further from Him and ultimately leads to death. One story in the Bible that will always have me mind blown is Balaam, God allowed a donkey to speak to warn Him that He was headed for destruction. We’re always asking God to give us a sign, but if we would just pay attention to what’s going on spiritually we would see all the Caution Ahead signs. Please pay attention to the warnings God gives you when He wants you to stop doing a certain thing.