Devotional For The Week Of 1/29/18- Do You Wanna Be Happy?

 Psalm 144:15- Yes, happy are those whose God is Jehovah.)


Listen to the lyrics of the song and see what God Is Tryna Tell You. People complain about things, not realizing that they’re the reason why they feel that way. You can’t complain if you refuse to change. There is no true happiness without God in your life. You can have all the money in the world, sleep with as many people as you want and do as many drugs as you want and still not be happy. Those three things I named are what society glorifies, not realizing it just leaves people empty and damaged. (Ecclesiastes 5:10- He who loves money shall never have enough. The foolishness of thinking that wealth brings happiness!) (Hebrews 13:5- Stay away from the love of money; be satisfied with what you have. For God has said, “I will never, never fail you nor forsake you.”) People sleep around not realizing that every time they have sex with a new person they’re giving away a piece of themselves. The sex may be good during the moment, usually all sin is, but after it’s over the sensation is gone and you’re still not satisfied. Society’s view of sex and God’s view are completely different. Society feels it’s okay for people to sleep with as many people as they want and God has always intended for sex to be for people that are married. (1 Corinthians 6:13-18- But sexual sin is never right: our bodies were not made for that but for the Lord, and the Lord wants to fill our bodies with Himself. And God is going to raise our bodies from the dead by His power just as He raised up the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t you realize that your bodies are actually parts and members of Christ? So should I take part of Christ and join Him to a prostitute? Never! And don’t you know that if a man joins himself to a prostitute she becomes a part of him and he becomes a part of her? For God tells us in the Scripture that in His sight the two become one person. But if you give yourself to the Lord, you and Christ are joined together as one person. That is why I say to run from sex sin. No other sin affects the body as this one does. When you sin this sin it is against your own body.) Fredo Santana of 300 just died on January 19, 2018 and was only 27 years old. Him, Chief Keef and others were not only glorified because of their music but because they smoke weed, drink lean and do other drugs. The rapper talked openly about his lean addiction and was even going to rehab. Here are some old tweets of his admitting that he overdosed and was trying to do better. 

I wanted to bring this up because in the song it says “but if I keep on doing the things that keep on bringing me pain, there’s no one else I can blame.” That’s so true though, people don’t realize that drugs keep you in bondage. I was addicted to weed for years and it wasn’t until I let Jesus take the wheel that I was free from it. I really pray that this is a wake up call for others to stop taking drugs and it’s sad that people have to die in order for others to actually get it. Choose today to let Jesus take control, stop relying on substances and people for your happiness, rely on God.