Devotional For The Week Of- 12/3/18- You Will Have What You Say

In Numbers 13, Moses instructed 1 leader from each tribe of Israel to go to the land of Canaan and spy it out. When they returned, many of the spies had a negative report. For example, they said the people were strong and would crush them. Technically, they weren’t wrong, Moses told them to see if the people were strong or weak, but he didn’t say speak defeat. Actually, he told them not to be afraid because 9/10 they were going to see something that would frighten them. It’s okay to be observant, but never let what you see cause you to forget who God is.  

They should’ve held onto Moses’ word, not to mention the fact that God already told them He would bring them into Canaan— the Promised Land. God used a mighty miracle to rescue them from the Egyptians and He was going to help them possess Canaan, but they didn’t trust Him. Not trusting God can have you wandering aimlessly. The danger is not where you are going, the real danger is where you are staying. 

I always encourage people to speak life. If you don’t have anything positive to say you should be quiet because you will have what you say. (Proverbs 18:21- Those who love to talk will suffer the consequences. Men have died for saying the wrong thing!) (Numbers 14:2-3- Their voices rose in a great chorus of complaint against Moses and Aaron. “We wish we had died in Egypt,” they wailed, “or even here in the wilderness, rather than be taken into this country ahead of us. Jehovah will kill us there, and our wives and little ones will become slaves. Let’s get out of here and return to Egypt!”) What they said would happen became their reality, they were condemned to wander in the desert for 40 years and didn’t inherit the Promised Land. (Numbers 14:33- You must wander in the desert like nomads for forty years. In this way you will pay for your faithlessness, until the last of you lies dead in the desert.

(Numbers 14:42- Don’t go ahead with your plan or you will be crushed by your enemies, for the Lord is not with you.)  After Moses reported God’s words to the Israelites, they were ready to go into the Promised Land and its inhabitants chased them away because God wasn’t with them. If God is for you who can be against you? When God is on your side, you will crush your enemies. When God isn’t on your side, your enemies will crush you. 

You will have what you say. If you want to be prosperous, speak God’s Word over your life. Don’t be a Christian that’s living a defeated life because of your speech. Read the Bible and see what God says about you and begin to say it about yourself.