Devotional For The Week Of 12/17/18- Borrowed Time

Time is a gift that most of us take for granted. Many people don’t realize that we’re on borrowed time. God is the creator of time, so in order to have time, it has to be given to us by Him. Time isn’t just given to us by God, it’ll also be accounted for. (Ecclesiastes 11:9- Young man, it’s wonderful to be young! Enjoy every minute of it! Do all you want to; take in everything, but realize that you must account to God for everything you do.) God will judge us for everything we did with our time, including every hidden thing, good or bad.

Not only are we on borrowed time, but our life isn’t our own. (Titus 2:14- who [willingly] gave Himself [to be crucified] on our behalf to redeem us and purchase our freedom from all wickedness, and to purify for Himself a chosen and very special people to be His own possession, who are enthusiastic for doing what is good.) We’ve been bought with a price, with the precious blood of Jesus Christ and we belong to God. We need to use this life that God purchased to spend our time doing what pleases Him. 

I used to always wonder why my grandma said “God willing” so much. It’s a phrase used to express the wish that one will be able to do as one intends or that something will happen as planned. People have planners, calendars, set alarms, set reminders, etc, but they don’t know what their future holds. (Psalms 90:5-6- We glide along the tides of time as swiftly as a racing river and vanish as quickly as a dream. We are like grass that is green in the morning but mowed down and withered before the evening shadows fall.) Your life is but a vapor, like a puff of smoke or a wisp of steam from a cooking pot] that is visible for a little while and then vanishes [into thin air].

Spend your time wisely by putting God first. Nothing should get in the way of you spending time with Him, not even your job. We have no excuse not to spend time with the creator of time. God gave us 24 hours in a day to make sure we have enough time to study His Word, pray and worship Him. It’s not suggested, it’s commanded (2 Timothy 2:15, Philippians 4:6 and Luke 4:8).

(Psalms 90:12- Teach us to number our days and recognize how few they are; help us to spend them as we should.) 

Ask yourself: What am I doing with my borrowed time. How can I spend it wisely? What account will I give God for how I used my borrowed time?