Who Is Jesus Christ?

Zechariah 3

Representation of what was to come: JESUS

Satan was there to declare Joshua guilty, but God took his sins away and made him clean. A burning stick pulled out of the fire. That was me and all of us before we got saved. You see people don't realize that no matter how much fun they're having living of the world, living a sinful life etc all they're doing is playing in fire because the devil has them right where he wants them: on there way to hell. Joshua represents the branch who God would later send which was Jesus. 

1. Jesus is the Son of God- John 3:12-21

2. Jesus came to preach the Gospel- Luke 4:18-19, Mark 1:14-15, Matthew 4:14-17 

It's funny because a lot of times people say why so much talk about sin but that's exactly what the Good News is about, our turning from sin and coming to God. If Jesus preached it then I will too.

3. Jesus came to fix what Adam did- Romans 5:12-19

4. Jesus died on the cross for our sins- Luke 23

5. Jesus was God's better way of salvation- Hebrews 9 & 10

Without Jesus we'd all be lost. My whole life I knew about Jesus but because I didn't have my own personal relationship with Him my life was stagnant and unfulfilled. No amount of drugs, alcohol, sex, money etc will ever fulfill you like Jesus can. There will always be a void. Jesus is the missing piece to everyone's puzzle. If you don't have that missing piece you will be empty. 

Without God a person is just living life and the Bible says that the man who finds life finds it through trusting God. Trusting God? Yes, I know it's not always easy, even for me I still be like really Lord? Where are you taking me? Where do I go from here? But like people say "Trust the process" Trust the Lord with your everyday life the same way you trusted Him to forgive your sins. Sometimes it's easier said than done but even I have to remind myself that the Lord knows what He's doing. 

Colossians 2:1-15

People don't realize that when we get saved God literally pulls us out of the fire so why is it that people want to get back in it? There's so much freedom in Christ, why do you want to burn again? Why do you want your sins to be counted against you again? If you're not living for God you're doing exactly what the devil wants. Nobody wants to hear that if they're not obeying God they're obeying the devil but if you're not obeying God who is happy? The devil is.