Not Immune To Suffering

Many people stray away from the faith because they were told things just magically get better once they get saved and when trials come they’re not prepared. Prosperity Gospel or the Gospel of success is the belief that doing good things will bring blessings into your life. It’s what God can do for us and not what we can do for God. It’s the belief that you won’t ever go through things and that life will always be great. People get upset and stop trusting God when they start going through things or because they weren’t immediately blessed after giving their life to Christ. Being a Christian does not make us immune to bad things happening. Job is a prime example of someone who feared God and did no evil but still went through tragic things. 

Job 1

Job 2

(Job 2:10- But he replied, “You talk like some heathen woman. What? Shall we receive only pleasant things from the hand of God and never anything unpleasant?” So in all this Job said nothing wrong.) If you’ve read the whole story of Job, he did end up saying things he shouldn’t have said but in the end he got himself together. 

(Job 42:-2- “I know that you can do anything and that no one can stop you.)


A trial is a test. Trials aren’t always nice when we’re going through them but once it’s over you see how God used it for your good. There have been times when I️ was like “Lord can I just come home now, heaven is better than all of this.” You just be wanting the trial to be over and want to give up but then you remember God got you. Trials are supposed to teach us something and I saw a tweet that said “If you went through a trial or storm, and that left you mad at God, you missed your lesson.” Your trials don’t only teach you something, but God uses those same trials to help other people. When Jesus was tempted when He was fasting it showed us that if he didn’t give in to temptation we don’t have to either. His trial taught us how we too can resist the devil. Resist the devil and He will flee from you. (James 4:7) (James 1:2-4- Dear brothers, is your life full of difficulties and temptations? Then be happy, for when the way is rough, your patience has a chance to grow. So let it grow, and don’t try to squirm out of your problems. For when your patience is finally in full bloom, then you will be ready for anything, strong in character, full and complete.) If you never go through anything, how are you going to learn, even Jesus went through things. If Christ suffered we too must be prepared to suffer. (1 Peter 4:1- Since Christ suffered and underwent pain, you must have the same attitude he did; you must be ready to suffer, too. For remember, when your body suffers, sin loses its power) (1 Peter 3:17-18- Remember, if God wants you to suffer, it is better to suffer for doing good than for doing wrong! Christ also suffered. He died once for the sins of all us guilty sinners although He Himself was innocent of any sin at any time, that He might bring us safely home to God. But though His body died, His spirit lived on) 

1 Peter 4:12-19

2 Timothy 2:1-19

The disciples were Jesus’ followers while He was alive and even they had to suffer. 

Acts 5:17-41

Not only did the disciples suffer but they counted it as an honor to suffer for Christ’s sake. Even the prophets before Jesus came had to suffer. 

Daniel 6

Not only did Daniel have to suffer and be thrown in the lions den, but because God protected him it made the king bring glory to God’s name. 

1 Peter 5:8-11


Sometimes instead of complaining about what we go through we should ask God how is this going to turn around for our good, but also how it’ll bring glory to His name. 

We always talk about what God did for people in the Bible but about what God has done for us? Has God healed you? Has He delivered you? Has He saved you? It's nice to talk about what's in the Bible but share your own testimony too, you never know who it’ll help. So many people wanna be free from bondage but they don’t know how, just reading/hearing what someone’s been through helps so much and lets people know that they can be free too. 


This is just a reminder for us to know that just because we’re saved doesn’t mean that we won’t go through things. God’s own Son had to suffer to bring us salvation and we too must be ready to suffer. Instead of complaining even when it’s hard be optimistic and know that what you’re going through will turn into something good. Also, don’t be afraid to share your testimony.