God Is A Way Maker

The name God just makes me happy. Hearing God's name just makes me think about the miracles I've read in the Bible that's He's done, the stories I've heard from people I do or don't know and definitely makes me think about the miracles that He's done in my life and in my family lives. I love God because He's a good father, He loves me and the list goes on and on, but one thing I really love about God is that He always makes a way for His children. Last week for Bible Study I talked about how God takes care of His children and today we're going to talk about how God is a way maker. From the New Testament to the Old Testament are real life stories about how God is a way maker.

Just thinking about the things God has done for me makes me happy. God has done too much for me not to help bring others to Christ. If I know how good God is why wouldn't I want anyone else to know?

Sometimes God will allow certain things to happen in our lives just to see what we will do. God really wants to know if we trust Him and the devil doesn't want you trusting God at all. The devil LOVES when you're not trusting in God. He wants you to be worried, depressed, etc but just remember God got you.

Joshua 3:12-17
Joshua 4
So the Lord allowed the Israelites to walk through a flowing river without getting wet just like He allowed Moses to stop the water from flowing across the Red Sea. Even to believe stories you read in the Bible or even that you've heard God do for people you have to have faith. Many times people say what God has done for them and most of the time it just sounds like a fairytale. Remember that Hebrews 11:1- Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. When you know what God has done for you, you have no choice but to believe what God has done for someone else. The same God who did it for you will do it for them. The same thing the Lord did forty years ago at the Red Sea is the same thing the Lord did for the Israelites at the river.

Many times God will provide a way for us that makes no sense at all. God told Moses to pick up a rod that would do many miracles. David used just a rock and a slingshot to kill Goliath and the list goes on and on.
Joshua 6

Matthew 14:23-33
It's so easy to trust God when everything is going great, but what about when it seems like your life is just falling apart. Will your faith be shaken? Peter decided he wanted to walk on water but once he looked at what was going on around him he began to panic. Let's be real though that happens to us all the time. We be trusting God until we start seeing the bills pile up, car not working right, people at work giving you a hard time etc and then we begin to panic. "Jesus save me" "Lord what are you doing help me" but the Lord has already provided a way for you, but you stopped trusting Him. God is a way maker, no matter your circumstances God will always take care of you. It doesn't say Jesus let him drown but that He reached His hand out to save him. We go into panic mode and God is always right there ready to save us.

God is the way maker. The old plan of salvation didn't work, so He sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. With God there will always be a way to overcome any situation.

Hebrews 7
Hebrews 8
Hebrews 9
Hebrews 10:1-18

The old way to be saved didn't work but Christ's new way saved us all. The blood of animals didn't work, but Christ's blood did. (Romans 1:17- This Good News tells us that God makes us ready for heaven—makes us right in God’s sight—when we put our faith and trust in Christ to save us. This is accomplished from start to finish by faith. As the Scripture says it, “The man who finds life will find it through trusting God.”)

Even when it comes to deliverance we have to trust in God that He will help us. (1 John 5:4- for every child of God can obey him, defeating sin and evil pleasure by trusting Christ to help him.)
People think that sin is just so easy to defeat but they're wrong, the ONLY way to defeat sin is with God's help. People underestimate sin, so they try to stop sinning on their own and next thing you know they keep falling short. People think that if they just say "oh I'm going to stop doing this and that" it'll work but no that's not the case. If you've been doing something so long, if you could easily stop don't you think you would've stopped already? It's because sin had us in its grip. When you're a slave to sin it's not that easy to come out of it, you can't beat sin with human strength, but with God all things are possible. Jesus is the Deliverer so whatever sins you're struggling with ask God to deliver you & make sure you walk in your deliverance. When I say walk in your deliverance I mean trusting in God to help you stop, but you trying too not just expecting God to do all the work. When your friends come around saying "hey let's do this" have enough self control to say no. If they don't respect your decision then get new friends. Pray for God to send you godly friends and He will. Two important words in your walk are self control and disciple, if you don't apply them to your life your flesh will always win.

Romans 6
So even after you've been delivered doesn't mean to go ahead and play with sin. If it had you in its grip before what makes you think that playing with fire won't get you burned? "I only do it sometimes"
"It's just for fun"
"I don't think it's bad"
"Only a little is okay"
Why choose to play with sin?
Sometimes turns into all the time, not thinking it's bad turns to not caring if it is at all & a little turns into a lot. Stop the excuses. Sin isn't to be played with it's like playing with fire, eventually it's gonna burn and just hope eventually isn't hell for you. Sin is just temporary fun with eternal consequences, trust me when I say it's not worth it. Sin looks good but leaves you empty, it feels good but leaves you empty.

If God has been a way maker in your life then He'll be a way maker in your friends and family's lives. Keep trusting in God that your family and friends will get saved and just watch Him work. The reason I'm saved now is because I had many family members praying for me. I knew I needed to come back to God but I wasn't finished living in the world. I was having fun, well I thought it was fun but it was really just a lot of emptiness. Remember that God is a way maker. If He made a way for you before He will definitely do it again.