Free Will Can Be Good Or Bad You Choose

People think God is just this horrible person when really God is the best person we will ever know. Who do you know that'll sacrifice His own son for wicked and evil people, for people He knew would never accept Him? Not only is He loving and caring but He's also just. God treats everyone the same. He will punish sin wherever it is found. All wicked people in the Bible were punished so what makes people think that God won't punish us. What makes people think that hell isn't real when the Bible tells us many times that it is. I've realized the reason people don't want to believe in God is because they don't want to be held accountable. They don't want to believe that they have to obey God. They don't want to believe that they will go to hell because of sin. If you look all around the world you can tell that God exists. How could people just think that we got to earth on our own? And for those who think well what about people who live in the middle of nowhere. (Isaiah 65:1- The Lord says, People who never before inquired about me are now seeking me out. Nations* who never before searched for me are finding me.)

Romans 1:18-32
Psalms 7

Free will can be good or bad and it's our choice what the outcome is. God is a good God because He doesn't force us to serve Him but free will does come with a price. The price can be heaven or the price can be hell. Obedience is better than God's punishment/wrath.

Numbers 14
The Israelites complained about manna and the Lord brought gave them meat. He showed them the Promised Land and all they were worried about was that the people living there would kill them. If the Lord kept them safe from Pharaoh then why would they think God would allow them to die from those inhabiting the Promise Land? It's so important to trust God because those who don't can never please Him. We can never please God without faith and without depending on Him. Their faithlessness cost them their lives.

This is a world of free will where people don't wanna serve God so if they're not serving God who are they serving.....the devil. If they're not righteous then what are they? Wicked/evil. If people aren't good they're evil there's no in between. How can someone be good and evil and remember that society's view of good is nowhere even close to God's view of good. People think that just being a good person will get us into heaven but that's not true at all. Just being nice, kind, feeding the homeless, things like that isn't enough for God when someone doesn't even obey Him. When people die someone always says well they were such a good person yes that's nice and all but the question is did they accept Jesus? Were they doing God's will for their life?

Sometimes I be thinking what if everyone was just forced to serve God & we all go to heaven but God gave everyone their own choice. Free will is so dangerous though because a lot of people don't want to serve God which means they won't go to heaven. It just shows that God is a good God, He won't force us to do anything. But it's better to obey Him than not to.

God has a will for everyone's life and how is His will gonna get done if you want to live life your own way, that's your will not God's will. God's nice to give us free will but not serving Him is basically giving your soul to the devil. Living life your own way only results to hell. It's like your parents saying hey I don't want you to go out tonight I know something bad is gonna happen but go at your own free will. And you go out anyway and something bad does happen. It's the same with serving God or not serving Him the outcome is bad if we don't. God won't make us do anything that we don't want to do but He does warn us of the consequences that we will have if we don't obey Him.

Numbers 20
Delayed disobedience is still disobedience. Halfway doing what God told you to do is still disobedience.
Numbers 27:12-23
At Bible Study a couple weeks ago I talked about how sometimes we disobey God and just because He doesn't punish us right away doesn't mean that it isn't coming. Aaron died right away but Moses didn't and they died because they didn't do exactly what God said.

Numbers 22
I really like how Balaam said that if he were to give him silver and gold that he wouldn't do anything contrary to what God says. So many times people are all for God but then comes the devil with a bribe that seems better than doing what God says. Also, God gives everyone a warning. On Judgment Day nobody will ever be able to say to God that they didn't know about Jesus. God used the donkey three times to stop Balaam from getting killed and not only that, but he allowed the donkey to speak so that he would be saved. Balaam was heading for destruction but the Lord saved him. How many times in our life has the Lord saved us from destruction. I can't even count the number of times that God has saved me. I shouldn't be alive right now, if it wasn't for God I'd be dead and in hell.

Hebrews 3
Trusting God is so important. If you were married to someone and they didn't even trust you wouldn't you be upset?

Joshua 24:14-24

Don't test sin. When the weather conditions are horrible aren't flights postponed because of different risks. So why it that we play with sin? When around certain environments, people or things our flesh gets happy. Why? Because our flesh is always looking for some trouble. Our flesh loves sin and if we allow it, it'll overpower us. Don't go looking for sin avoid and flee from it, otherwise your flesh will control you and those who follow their flesh can never please God. (James 4:7- So give yourselves humbly to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.)

1 Timothy 2:1-8
Nothing else is as important as doing God's will for your life. God's will involves you being saved, you bringing others to Christ and doing whatever else He wants you to do