Christ's Blood Means Love

God's love is loving us even when we don't love ourselves. You say well what do you mean I don't love myself. When you're making bad decisions, doing things you knew you shouldn't be doing, doing things that almost cost you your soul or is costing you your soul. When you really love yourself you want the best for yourself and the best for yourself is Jesus. God expressed His love for us by sending Jesus to die on the cross. Not only did He die, but He took our place on the cross. It should've been us up there, but God said no, I'll send My son.

Romans 5

God loved us even when we didn't love ourselves, God saved us even when a lot of us didn't even want saving.

Mark 15

The people mocked Jesus and said "He's quite clever at saving others but He can't save Himself." They were so busy making fun of Him not even realizing that He really was God's Son, the Messiah and that He was on the cross to save us. Christ's blood cleanses, restores, forgives and the list goes on and on but one of the most important things is Christ's blood shows His love for us. 

Hebrews 10

Acts 3

So not only did Jesus take Barabbas' place on the cross. He took all of mankind's place. So when Adam caused us to be sinners because he disobeyed God. Jesus caused many to be acceptable to God because He obeyed God. God's love is sending Jesus when He knew that not everyone would accept His love. There is a free gift available to all of us and it's the best gift that anyone will offer you. People get mad when they don't get gifts for holidays, but there's a gift for you better than anyone else will give you. When we really grasp what He did on the cross not just knowing but understanding that it was all for us not to go to hell. A living sacrifice so that we'd be free from sin. God's love is Jesus dying for our sins. Accept the free gift of God's love which is Jesus Christ, repent and turn from sin.